DPRK Government Economic Delegations Returns from Asia and Africa

A DPRK government economic delegation led by Vice-Minister of Foreign Trade Ri Myong San returned home on Friday after taking part in the 4th meeting of the Inter-governmental Joint Committee of the DPRK and Nigeria and visiting various countries of Africa. Interestingly another delegation headed by Ri Ryong Nam (a specialist on Asian economic matters) came back from Syria. These delegations are supposed to generate some foreign currencies for the DPRK governement. Some North Korean companies are represented by people connected to these ministries. Ri Ryong Nam (born in the 1946) worked in the 90’s in the North Korean embassy of Singapore and later in the Ministry of Public Security.  is not only a politician but also a key directors in some North Korean companies. According to well informed North Korean sources, Ri Ryong Nam is an open minded person and fluent in English. He’s also often travelling abroad.

ri ryong nam

Ri Ryong Nam (on right)

2 thoughts on “DPRK Government Economic Delegations Returns from Asia and Africa

  1. […] According to KCNA Watch, "The DPRK decided to reorganize the Ministry of Foreign Trade as the Ministry of External Economic Affairs of the DPRK by merging the Joint Venture and Investment Commission of the DPRK and the State Economic Development Committee of the DPRK with it.The Presidium of the DPRK Supreme People’s Assembly promulgated a decree in this regard on Wednesday." According to a well informed source, Officials of this Ministry are one of those who are cooperating with foreign investors in the DPRK. Ri Ryong Nam is the minister of foreign trade of the DPRK. […]

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