Kim Jong-un Meets Exiled Uncles in Pyongyang

According to an article of the South Korean daily newspaper “Chosun Ilbo”

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has met Kim Pyong-il, an uncle which was for a certain time unappreciated by Kim Jong-il. On Wednesday the official Rodong Sinmun daily published a group photo showing Kim Jong-un with his uncle among North Korean ambassadors who gathered in the capital for an annual meeting.  In the photo, Kim Pyong-il is seen standing in a row behind Kim Jong-un.
Pyong-il is the eldest son of regime founder Kim Il-sung’s second wife, Kim Song-ae.

After he was defeated in a power struggle with Kim Jong-il, he became ambassador to Poland in 1998 and served in Warsaw for 17 years before moving to the Czech Republic early this year.

Kim Pyong-il was effectively banned from the North while Kim Jong-il was alive but has been permitted back since his death. “Kim Pyong-il also visited the North last year,” a source said.

Kim Pyong-il and Kim Kwang-sop
Kim Pyong-il (NK ambassador to Czech Republic) and Kim Kwang-sop (NK ambassador to Austria). Source: News1


A biography (prepared by myself) of Kim Pyong-il is available there. The article prepared by Chosun Ilbo is partially uncorrect and uncomplete. Both uncles of Kim Jong-eun were present: Kim Pyong-il (previous mentioned) and Kim Kwang-sop (the NK ambassador to Austria). Both of them were expelled from North Korea in the 70’s.


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