I deal with the Korean Peninsula not only from the business perspective but also on the political one. I have written a number of scientific publications – papers and books, in which I analysed the above-mentioned topics.

These issues are covered by my academic activity, i.e. they appear in my lectures and classes, and they are also represented in my public activity (speeches at conferences and debates or comments for the media). More on this can be found in the section Appearances.

My experience is based on work carried out for business’ and public administration. In my actions, I try to combine elements of law and economics. I do not limit myself only to the Polish market, I am also very active internationally. More in About Me.

Here is a list of some of my previous projects (more information available here):

Korean projects

  • Studies dedicated to the North Korean leadership.
  • Lectures dedicated to the North Korean leadership (for Polish, European, and Korean institutions).
  • Technical advisor on Polish books dedicated to NK issues.

French projects

  • Doing business in France.
  • Sell specific products on the polish markets (swimming-pools, perfumes,…).
  • Translator during business meetings.


Nicolas Levi