Forming a North Korean government-in-exile?

The idea to form North Korean government in exile has emerged among some defectors amid speculation that war may be unavoidable on the Korean Peninsula after North Korea’s intensified provocation pit the country against the rest of the world. Some NK defectors tried to motivate some members of the Kim family to participate in. I will explain within the next lines, why I consider it as a discussing idea.

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The next casualty of Kim Jong-un? [PART 1/3]

Handsome, intelligent, good looking: these word are adjectives which are often used for describing the half brother of Kim Jong Il[1] : Kim Pyong Il. He was, is and will be always considered as a potential successor of his father, Kim Il Sung and therefore as a direct rival to Kim Jong Il. However the first son of Kim Il Sung won on the run to the north korean throne.

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Prague focuses on protection of its based North Korean ambassador Kim Pyong-il

As I mentioned a few weeks ago (a twitt posted on the 20th February), protection toward Kim family members increased after the murder of Kim Jong-nam. Czech security forces focus on the protection of the North Korean ambassador to Prague, Kim Pyong-il, a member of the ruling Kim dynasty whose life may be in danger, in connection with the recent murder of a half-brother of North Korea’s dictator Kim Jong-un, Lidove noviny (LN) writes yesterday.

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